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Youth of al-Tabqa condemn use of poison gas against civilians in Afrin


AL-TABQA – Al-Tabqa Youth Council condemned Turkish occupation army and using the poison gas against the people of a village in Afrin canton  north of Syria and denounced the international double standards in dealing with the use of these gases in Syria.

About a week ago, the Turkish occupation army targeted Aranda village in the Shia district of Afrin canton with poison gases, which resulted in 6 civilians being suffocated. Avrin hospital administration confirmed that they had inhaled toxic gases.

The Youth Council denounced this international outrage and silence through a statement.

A number of the Youth Council members gathered in front of the Euphrates Dam in al-Tabqa city, and the administrator in the council Leila al-Abed read the statement of denunciation.

The statement assured that “While the United States is crying for the eastern Ghouta and accuses the regime of using poison gas against its people, it says it does not believe that Turkey used poison gas in its aggression against Afrin.”

The statement added the Russian Federation, is responsible for the massacres against the people of Afrin amid “international silence, headed by Russia, which claims humanity, which opened the airspace of the air force to the Turkish occupation. We reaffirm our readiness to do what is necessary to defend Afrin against any aggression on the principle of the coexistence.”