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Youth ofDeir-ez-Zor : Ready to go to trenches of the resistance to defend Afrin


DEIR –EZ –ZOR A number of young people of Deir –ez-Zor said they would not allow a number of mercenaries hired to enter the territories of Syria and tampering with its security. They stressed that they were ready to go to the trenches of resistance in Afrin if necessary.

Hawar news agency (ANHA ) interviews with the youthof  Deir –ez-Zor countryside considered  Turkish attacks on Syrian territories  as a prelude to a blatant occupation

The young man from Deir –ez-Zor countryside  denounced Khalid al-Mutlaq, the Turkish attacks on the areas in North  Syria directed a message to the people of Afrin to stand up to the Turkish aggression and be the ranks of the gangs to escape Turkey and its mercenaries.XALID AL DERC

He pointed out that they are ready to protect the borders of Syria in Afrin and others, stressing whether the Turkish army continues to escalate attacks on Afrin, will not stand idly by and will go as fighters to defend Afrin.

Ali al-Kalaf from al-Bukamal city said:

“We, as Syrians, reject the Turkish occupation of our country, we do not accept this occupation, we will defend our land no matter what it costs us, we will not allow a number of mercenaries to enter our land and tamper with its security.”ALI AL XLEF

Never young Mohammed Al-Daraj prepared to go from Deir Ezzor to Afrin to participate in the resistance against the Turkish occupation with the fighters of the people ‘s and women’s Protection Units (YPG , YPJ ). “Afrin Syrian land like our city Deir –ez-Zor and I am ready to go to Afrin to defend it.”