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YPJ:Rohanda ,her father walked of path Deniz,we will countinu their path

NEWS DESK –  Women ‘s Protection Units (YPJ) ponited in Afrin that the martyr Rohanda and her father Mahmoud were an example of the spirit of comradeship and high morale, noting that they walked on the path of their sister and daughter Deniz, and they would march on their way saying that they will made from the struggle of the martyrs and their approach as a basis for their struggle for freedom.

This came in a statement issued by the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) in Afrin about the martyrdom  of a member of the media center of the Women’s Protection Units(YPJ) Rohanda and her father, who were martyred during Resistence of Age.

The text of the statement:

“Resistence of Age written by the hands of the heroes, the spirit of the fighters with the pure hearts and the spirit of our people, who resisted for fifty-three days and continues to resist without complacency against the occupied Turkish state and its gangs al-Nusra Front (Jabhit al-Nusra), ISgangs , and al-Qaeda who supported by Turkish occupation .

The people of Afrin, who were raised on the roots of this land and resisted for hundreds of years by their social customs and the great attachment and attachment to their land and on this basis knew themselves and knew their history through them, it is the people who knew in history of his emotional position and his struggle against tyrants.

The people of this people who were raised on this land deserved the world’s knowledge today that they are following in the footsteps of achieving a real and realistic moral and political society through freedom.

As a start from North Syria and the struggle of freedom and the stand of revolutionaries with the people that appeared in various fields, revolutionaries who walk on the path of truth, and applied in different ways, and showed the world the most successful ways to live on this land.

Clearly the fact that the current situation, which lived in the Afrin region and the world sees the Turkish state and  its gangs IS gangs (D a esh ) al-Qaeda ,  al-Nusra Front (Jabhit al-Nusra ) ,as attacking the armies of the state, attacking Afrin and surrounding villages, with all modern their techniques and thousands of mercenaries attacking people Afrin, on the resistance of the 51 _52_ 53 attack occupied the Turkish state its aircraft and tanks and assault guns and all methods of attacking Janders  and our comrades fighting spirit and commando their bodies, and in these clashes became our martyrs and injured 51 in the day when the violent attacks  martyred Rohanda Khmkin that was in our fellow member of the center Notify the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) of Afrin during the monitoring of the war and were martyred after being targeted by the warplanes. In those moments, the father of the companion Rohanda Mahmood “Abu Azad” who insisted that he be in that arena and join the resistance and fight and where he stays there and join the defense of the people and fights with his daughter in the fields of resistance and reaches the status of martyrdom and here shows the reality of the national spirit and its link to freedom and the earth And the humanity of this man who addressed these attacks of morality and without principles and unjust and did not remain silent about them and here shows the reality of the resistance society and its association with the personality of the father and daughter and the clear reality that lived in Afrin and the stand of its heroes and people and this stand is evidence of insistence freedom and this stand is the exaltation of the struggle of resistance.

And we are in front of these testimonies and in their values we promise and divide that we will rise from our fighting spirit to the redemption of our people.

Rohanda, the girl who grew up and grew up on the reality of such a society, and the character of fellow hero Rohanda worthy of this saying, the companion who had a pure spirit in life and work and was embracing the friendship, which was life in her morale, for example, and her life was painted by a free and creative personality and her young spirit lived revolution and lived revolution She was also following in the footsteps of her sister Deniz  who was martyred in resisting Aleppo.

We, as leaders, comrades and fighters, say that we will make this approach a foundation and make it the basis of free struggle. In this march, on the path of struggle for the return of life and we divide our people that we will resist to the end and that we will continue the path of the martyrs of the righteous. “