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Zahra al-Bedewi … with simple drawing expressed Resistance of the age



Al-RAQQA – Despite the handicap that accompanied her since her birth, Zahra al-Bedewi has surpassed the painting and broke the barrier of her handicap, to crown her talent with a painting dedicated to Resistance of the age in Afrin.REQA-JINK-KIR-U-LAL-RISMA-CIDIKI (2)

Zahra born in al-Raqqa city, she grew up in a simple family of four girls and two young men, since her birth, she has not spoken or heard, and is now 31 years old and her younger sister also faces the same handicap.

Zahra’s family began to discover her talent in drawing since she was five years old. She has many participations in exhibitions of the Cultural Center in al-Raqqa in 2002,2003, 2004 and participated in competitions outside Syria in the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

Zahra is used in her art and painting difficult colors, and her paintings are characterized directly by what is called in plastic art “spontaneity”.

Zahra considers the paintings that she paints as part of her, because when she draws any painting she feels in it before she paint it, she has many paintings, including movable ones, which she imagines and paints, she sells paintings to provide a living for her family.

She has mastered reading and writing and learned sign language, she and her mother learned the rest of the family this language and they understand it by reference.

Zahra spoke to us in sign language, while her mother Badra al-Khalif translated her words: “When I finish painting I want everyone to see it.”

Badra al-Khalif said that her daughter when drawing a painting of her imagination, this painting embodies her personality if sad, the painting shows her sadness, and if she is happy it shows her joy.REQA-JINK-KIR-U-LAL-RISMA-CIDIKI (3)

Zahra explained some of her paintings, one of which shows the sadness of people in al-Raqqa. The painting is a masked woman with her hands clasped, painted in mysterious colors, and the second is from nature, it is transmitted from a book that Zahra saw

Zahra’s mother appealed to artists who care about talent to look at her daughter and give her supplies to help her in drawing.

At the end, Zahra al-Bedewi painted a reflective painting depicting the resistance of Afrin, a scene of an olive tree under which a young man was working. Behind him was a Turkish army mercenary carrying a weapon aimed at them. When she finished it, Zahra presented it as a gift to Hawar news agency.