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Targeting Avrin Hospital exceeded all red lines

The Turkish regime, in its barbaric aggression against Afrin, exceeded all red lines and violated the customs, traditions and laws adopted by all the countries of the world, which formed a charter for the United Nations.

AL-Raqqa ‘s People denounce shelling of Turkish occupation to Avrin Hospita

Al-Raqqa ‘s People has denounced the attacks of the Turkish occupation on Afrin Hospitals countinuing Turkish army massacres against the people .

Nazir Berwari: War on Afrin targets Kurdistan completely

Kurdistan Patriotic Union (PUK) official, Nazir Barwari, said the Afrin residents had shown great resistance against Turkish occupation and terrorist groups. He stressed that the attack on Afrin targeted Kurdistan completely.

Lailwa Al-Abdullah :Campaign has stopped temporarily, Turkey wants prolong life of IS gangs

Lailwa al-Abdullah said that the military operations in “al-Jazeera Tempest “campaign has stopped temporarily because of the attacks by the Turkish occupation army on Afrin canton and the withdrawal of troops from the eastern regions of the Euphrates to participate in the response to the Turkish aggression, “The Turkish aggression aims to prolong the life of mercenaries, Region”.

Turkish occupation burns Afrin, civilians are still under rubble

With the continued massacres committed by Turkish occupation army against the people of Afrin, Turkish occupation targets the city of all types of weapons and aircraft, and its goal is “burning Afrin”, as well as information on the presence of 3 civilians in a shelter under the ruins of a building destroyed by Turkish occupation.

Resisdents ‘s Kobani offer duty condolences to Families of martyrs Omar Alloush , Billal kobani

Dozens of residents ‘s Kobani offer of duty to condolence to the families of martyrs Omar Alloush and Bilal Kobani, in the tents of condolences figs erected in Kobani city and Blanc village.

“We were displaced in our areas”

The people of Afrin canton who were displaced by the aggression of Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries from Afrin said that Erdogan caused the displacement and homelessness and now he is in our areas.

Amid massacres perpetrated by Turkish occupation, Afrin people are forced to flee their homes

Afrin ‘s people have been forced to leave their homes due to shelling of the Turkish occupation army by warplanes and heavy artillery thousends of the people are still in Afin city . Amid continuing shelling .

Turkey wants to return history 80 years ago in Afrin”

She fled with her family when she was a baby girl from the Iskandarun Brigade when he was occupied by Turkey and left her home in Afrin after being attacked by Turkish occupation army.

Syriac citizen appeals to world: Do not allow repeated massacres to  Syriac in Afrin

A Syriac citizen who survived the massacres against them He is living in Rojava now , sent a message to the world saying, “Do not allow Turkey to return the massacres against Afrin ‘s people .”

Talal Mohammed: Heroic resistance in Afrin there is shameful world silence

The co-chair of the Democratic Peace Party, Talal Mohammed has expressed the shameful silence of international and international public opinion on the massacres committed by Turkey against the innocent civilians in the Afrin region. He stressed that the attack on Afrin contributes to the revival of ISgangs .



3 ISIS tanks seized by YPG and YPJ in Kobanî







Kurdish women going on sit-in tomorrow condemning aggression on Afrin


Women in Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands are going on a sit-in before the Russian embassy in the Belgian capital Brussels to condemn the Turkish aggression on Afrin, and to demand a stop to the massacres committed against civilians in Afrin.


Turkish occupation bombing reaches pharmacies in Afrin 


The Turkish occupation army not only targeting the civilians indiscriminately, but also vital installments would not survive the Turkish barbaric army and its mercenaries.


People of Syrian North are donating blood to wounded of Age


Hundreds of northern Syria people who arrived in Afrin canton today donated blood to civilian wounded in Resisting of the Age.