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Afrin bride of  Rojava ,pulse hearts of entire Kurdish people


AFRIN – The mother Suad Mustafa from Deirk, who has been presented to Afrin with the delegation of al-Jazeera region , described Afrin as the bride of Rojava and the heart of the Kurdish people. She also supports the People’s and Women’s Protection Units (YPG, YPJ) by cooking food with a number of women in Afrin canton.

several days from al-Jazeera region to Afrin canton to be also involved in resistence of  the Age  shown by the people and fighters of Afrin in the face of Turkish occupation and its gangs .

Today, Suad and some of the women of Afrin canton are involved in preparing food for the fighters of the People’s and Women ‘sProtection Units(YPG, YPJ) who are leading a challenging epoch in the struggle against the Turkish occupation.

“Afrin ‘s People  are free and their land will remain free, Turkey is using heavy weapons and it is proof of the failure of its forces to fight our forces and to undermine the will of the people in Afrin province,” said Suad, smiling and singing some of the revolutionary songs that describe the resistance of the Kurds against dictatorships. ‘.

The mother Suad  also described Afrin as “the bride of  Rojava and pulse of the hearts of the entire Kurdish people.” She said, “Afrin is the land of olives and peace and will be able to make the project of freternity of peoples in North Syria a success.”

Su’ad confirmed that “the occupation can not enter Afrin but pass on our bodies, and will not be able to take a single stone from the land of Afrin, and we as mothers and people of the territory of the island will stand next to our people in Afrin and our forces that protect and defend them ‘.