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Al-Bab is heavily bombarded by Turkey, the regime advances in Der al-Zour 

NEWS-DESK- The Turkish occupation army continues bombarding the vicinity of al-Bab area, whereas the regime forces in Der al-Zour advanced in many areas supported by Russia after the last has been bombarded by long-range shells of the ISIS mercenaries.

Several areas in Bazaa town and other places in al-Bab city have been witnessing a heavy bombardment of dozens of shells since Friday, and the clashes are still continuing in those areas between the Turkish occupation army and the mercenaries of Euphrates shield on the one hand, and the mercenaries of ISIS on the other hand. “Until now, we have not got any information about the results of the clashes” according to the Syrian Observatory.

While in Der al-Zour, fierce clashes have been continuing since Friday evening between regime forces against ISIS amid mutual bombing and targets among the two sides in the axis of al-Jafra village that is adjacent to Der al-Zour Military Airport, and some news stated about human losses in the ranks of the two parties. The media of the Syrian regime stated that Russian shells bombarded ISIS’ positions in the vicinity of the city.

Since Friday evening the clashes have fiercely been increasing in coincidence with mutual targets between ISIS and the armed groups that claimed to be Islamic in the axis of al-Allan vicinity in the western countryside of Deraa.

After Friday midnight, the warplanes of regime forces in Hama city carried out many raids on the areas of Tal Hawash village in the northern countryside of the city. And a civilian lost his life and others were wounded, it was reported.