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American fighter:Turkey targets civilians international silence is unfortunate


AFRIN – The international fighter Tolahildan Joan of New York in the United States, participated in the liberation campaign to join the Resistance of the Age after the Turkish aggression launched attacks on Afrin.

After the Turkish aggression launched attacks on the canton in January 20 and targeting civilians, this caused the anger of thousands of Kurds at home and abroad, including the anger of some of the nations who joined the revolution of Rojava in and participated in campaigns to liberate civilians from mercenaries especially in al-Raqqa city

“When I decided to come to Afrin because there were big mistakes made by Turkey against the civilians in Afrin in light of allowing the world to do so and despite the fact that there are signs and documents indicating that Turkey is targeted in its civilian attacks and aims to displace them from their homes is still there silence on the countries concerned with the Syrian crisis “.

He pointed out that the fighting was in a;-Raqqa, and in the area of Rajo when he was there were Cobra and war planes bombed everywhere directly, adding that the war was violent and are now trying to besiege civilians.

In the south of Jindiris, the infantry fighter Tollhildan was present for two weeks when he saw how the warplanes targeted civilian houses, while dozens of civilians were killed there.

He said “I will continue to fight and defend the civilians against the Turkish mercenaries until the end because the civilians have nothing to do with them referring to the civilians who were the most vulnerable to aggression by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries.

He  asked the countries of the world to seek an air embargo because warplanes bombard everywhere indiscriminately, and because there are thousands of civilians killed there is an indescribable situation of genocide.

He also described the international silence as a frustrating silence. “There is a frustrated silence. I mean Russia, America, and NATO, all of them do not look at Afrin’s situation and their people are sensibly exterminated. Everyone sees and knows the situation. I do not know why they are doing this.”