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Erdogan is wooing Assad despite enemity

NEWS DESK– the Turkish president Recep Teyyip Erdogan praised his Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad in an interview with the Turkish Morning newspaper this Monday.

The Opinion Today reported from the Morning that the Turkish president Recep Teyyip Erdogan expressed his appreciation for the Syrian president’s attitude, in spite of the fact that enmity has reached a critical stage between them, he however decried the coup.

Erdogan attacked Saudi Arabia, USA and European states because of their attitude of the failed coup in July 15, and said’’ they have stabbed us in the back in the time we were in dire need of their support”.

And he continued threatening of unveiling external hands which supported the abortive coup in Turkey, according to the newspaper.

This is the first time the Turkish president appeals of his counterpart Assad, in an indication of reconsideration of the ties with the Syrian regime.