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Euphrates Dam recovers its lost splendor


AL-TABQA– Life returned to the gardens of the Euphrates Dam after several years of drought and desertification, which was exposed to the gardens of Euphrates dam at the northern entrance of al-Tabqa city caused by the occupation of the city by ISIS.

Because of the ignorance of mercenaries and their concentration on looting the area’s resources, they were the first enemy of environment, destroying everything that would preserve the ecological balance, which negatively affected the gardens in the city in general, especially the Euphrates dam, which is one of the most important parks in the city and the city’s facade.

During the years of ISIS occupation of the city, Euphrates dam turned into a battleground between mercenary factions fighting among them, and later turned into a heavy minefield planted by IS mercenaries to kill more innocent people.

After the liberation of al-Tabqa city of IS mercenaries ten months ago, the Euphrates Dam administration was concerned with restoring the spirit of the dam’s body, which is now reflected in the bright colors that have been erected in the dam garden.


After the relevant teams of Syrian Democratic Forces cleared the mines laid by IS mercenaries, a group of agricultural engineers and garden technicians was screened and conducted a series of studies on the possibility of rehabilitating the park again.

During the last period, in cooperation with People’s Municipality in al-Tabqa, the rubble and the remains left by IS mercenaries were removed. The water and irrigation networks were rehabilitated, with modern sprinklers, the garden floor was irrigated to confirm the validity of the remaining grass roots for growth. The dry trees were then uprooted and treated with insecticide-treated trees, especially evergreen trees

A nursery was also built inside the park, where a large group of trees and evergreen flowers were planted, as well as cactus, licorice and arak plants.

During the work, the technical staff tried to take advantage of all the possibilities, especially for the remains of trees cut has been converted to tables and a beautiful view and other remnants will be the manufacture of wooden chairs serving the general view of the garden.

In an interview by ANHA with the agricultural engineer responsible for the dam gardens, Ahmed Al-Yasin, he confirmed that the rehabilitation of the park was done through simple means available and despite the lack of technical staff compared to the effort made.

“We will also be planting the iterval along the dam body after the completion of restoration and construct what is destroyed.