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Fighters of “al-Jazeera Tempest”are fully prepared to go to Afrin  



AL-RAQQA-The fighters of the sons  of Deir-ez-Zor and North Syria with in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Afrin ‘s residents they are fully prepared to join “Resistence of the Age” to confront the Turkish occupation and its gangs Saying :Afrin is our offer and will defend the soil and olive with our souls .

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviews with the fighters of (SDF) on the fronts Deir-ez-Zor about the the attack on Afrin by the Turkish occupaion and its gangs and massacress against its people .

The fighter from Deir –ez-Zor countryside Ahmed Waled “I, as the sons of Deir-ez-Zor , participated in many battles against  IS mercenaries in Kobani, Raqqa and al-Hasakah until we defeated them from these areas.As forces of strength we proved to the whole world that our forces liberated the territories, And break against any aggressor aggression on his land and his people.

Waled added “We are the owners of this land and we defend it because it is our homeland and our people, but you are just an occupier and dream to restore the glory of your criminal Ottoman ancestors .

The fighter Ahmed Waled sent a message to the Syrian mercenaries who are fighting under the flag of the Turkish occupation and participate in the occupation of their homeland and the killing of their people, to return to their senses and not fight their people and their Syrian people to serve Turkey and its ambitions of occupation.

The fighter Ardal Hasakha said “I am the son of al-Hasakah and today I am fighting in “al-Jazeera Tempest”  campaign and defending the people of Deir –ez-Zor because it is our duty to defend the entire land of our homeland and our people in the face of the occupiers and terrorist  gangs In order to satisfy the occupier and the aggressor on the land of Syria in general and not just Afrin. “

Stressing that they are  getting ready to go to Afrin to defend it when asked to do so, noting that 1700 fighters from their comrades withdrew from “al-Jazeera Tempest ” campaign and directed towards Afrin to participate in the response of the Turkish aggression, stressing that this increases their determination in the face of terrorism and his supporters, and that they will remain fighting  IS mercenaries  in Deir –ez_zor until the elimination of them, and when asked to understand they are ready to go to Afrin also.