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High Commission: 70% participated in communes’ elections


AMUDA- The High Commission for elections of Democratic North-Syria Federation stated that 70% of the electors participated in the elections of the communes’ co-chairs, and the number of the voters in some of the elections’ centers reached 728,450.

The High Commission of Democratic North-Syria Federation elections has organized a press conference to disclose the final outcome of communes’ co-chairs elections in the three regions of Democratic North-Syria Federation that was held on September 22.

The press conference was held in the Executive Body office in Cizîre canton in Amuda district, and the co-chairs of High Commission for Elections in Cizîre region Aiz ed-Din Ahmad Farhan and Rukan Mullah Ibrahim, the co-chairs of al-Furat region Shahin Ali and Zahrah Muhammad in addition to the co-chair of Joint Constituent Council of Democratic North-Syria Federation Hadiya Yousef and dozens of journalists and media delegates attended the media conference.

During the conference, a statement was released by the commission and it was read in Arabic by the co-chair of High Commission for Elections in the Euphrates region Shahin Ali, and in Kurdish by the co-chair of High Commission for Elections in Cizîre region Rukan Mullah Ibrahim.

Federation is the only hope to preserve the unity of Syria’s people and land

The statement included:

As a result of the circumstances we are going through, and after hundreds of thousands of sacrifices and destruction inflicted to infrastructures of many areas where Syria has become an arena for settling international and regional accounts without a solution in sight, so finding a solution that would satisfy all the Syrians and everyone is a must.

Democratic North-Syria Federation was a salvation from the culture of terrorism, fighting and destruction, as well as federation was the only hope to preserve the unity of the land and the people of Syria, Syria is all Syrian citizens’, and every citizen has the right to live decently. Moreover, to consolidate the pillars of Democratic North-Syria Federation, free, fair and transparent elections had to be held, and the opportunity was given to all citizens and all components in the area to choose their representatives for the communes’ co-chairs.

The participation percentage in the communes’ elections was 70%

The commission stated that the percentage of the communes’ elections was 70%. The communes are the cornerstone to form an organized, cohesive and strong society as elections started in the three regions (Cizîre, the Euphrates and Afrin) on September 22, 2017 at 08:00, and people heavily flocked towards elections’ centers as the percentage of the participation in some of the villages reached 100%, and generally it was 85%.

Furthermore, persons who did not participate, had the right to express his disappointment that they chose to surrender at the expense of challenge.

728,450 voters elected

About the voters’ number in Cizîre region, the statement stated that the voters’ number in Cizîre region reached 437,142 voters elected 7,687 candidates who competed on 2,551 communes. Moreover, the number of the communes has changed during the last period at the request of the citizens to form new communes as these communes have been nominated and added recently. 5,102 communes won while the number of the voters reached 8,373.

As for the Euphrates region, the number of the voters reached 135,611 voters who elected 3,192 candidates competed on 849 communes as 1,698 while the number of the migrated voters reached 772.

In Afrin region, the number of the voters reached 155,697 voted for 1,440 candidates on 415 communes as 830 candidates won. In addition, the number of the refugees who voted reached 5,395.

The statement of the High Commission for elections concluded stating that the electoral process was done democratically and without accidents or obstructions, so that we must thank and show our gratitude to all who contributed to the success of the electoral process, notably teachers who supervised the voting and counting, and special thanks to the Asayîş Forces and Society Protection Forces (HPC) for providing security and safety to this large number of centers. Furthermore, local councils’ elections would be held in November 3.