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Inauguration of the 1st MSD office

HASAKE– Syria Democratic Council has opened its first office since its foundation in Hasake city, with participation of members of the MSD presidential committee, representatives of theHSK-YEKEMIN-NAVENDA-MSD-VEBU (6) Democratic Autonomous Administration in Jazeera Canton, political parties, civil institutes, councils and communes in Hasake city.

Aiming to organize its work, and reinforcing communication among the region’s components, MSD opened yesterday its first office.

Rojin Rimo a MSD member of the presidential body said that they are about organizing ceremonies for the opening of this office which is the first and continued saying” ceremonies of the martyrs and the explosion which targeted our people in Qamishlo handicapped our celebrations”. HSK-YEKEMIN-NAVENDA-MSD-VEBU (5)

About opening this office Rojin added” Hasake is a major city, not only in Jazeera Canton and Rojava, but also in Syria generally, since it is a representation of rainbow components co-existing in Syria, and this office will be a center for intensifying activities and events of MSD in the region.

Jihad Leji a MSD member added” this office will be home of all Syrians, and we will be working to make it a center of freedom and democracy development through Hasake and Syria.

Secretariat of Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party Jamal Sheik Baqi said in a word” we salute this blessed step, and hope that its opening here will be the beginning of many other steps in many cities and Syrian regions.

Sheik Baqi noted that the Syrian conflicting parties could not fulfil the hopes and aspirations of the Syrian people, specially implementing real democracy and co-existence and freedom and he added” on the contrary of that, these powers and their subjection to external agendas were a major cause of destruction and havoc which have befallen Syria”.

Shiek Baqi went on “and thus we as national powers, we should be seeking to correct the track of the Syrian revolution; we find MSD a sovereign remedy for meeting hopes and aspirations of our people”

Sheik Baqi concluded” Syria Democratic forces are achieving significant belligerent victories, and could free our land from the dirt and terrorism of the mercenaries, and so we hope that MSD will be undertaking its responsibilities efficiently, and be the embodiment of these forces and victories.

Siham Qarbo the Co-President of the Exterior Body in Jazeera Canton on her part gave a word by Democratic Autonomous Administration and the Syriac component, first she congratulated the Syrian people in Hasake for the opening of the first MSD office and said” we are aspiring to make this office a convergence point that unites all powers, organizations, national institutes in Syria in order to cooperate and build a new free democratic Syria, within which everybody enjoys their lawful rights.