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Jamil Horo’s soul is resurrected in his grandson



AFRIN- He inherited his talent from his grandfather the late singer Jamil Horo, and performs folkloric songs which sprang from the essence of the Kurdish people history, and has also composed a song about Rojava.   EFRIN-HEVDITIN-BI-MALBETA-CEMIL-HORO ‫(38339073)‬ ‫‬

Ahmad Hanif Horo at 11 is living within a family of 9 members, and has inherited his talent for singing from his father Hanif and grandfather Jamil Horo, Ahmad also plays Bouzouki, and is studying now in the 4th grade of the elementary level.

His artistic career beginning

As Ahmad began singing, his father noticed his unique voice resembling his father’s when Ahmad performed songs of his grandfather, so he took to teaching him folkloric songs and Ahmad was able to sing many of his grandfather’s songs.

When Ahmad was four, he picked some words of the songs his grandfather Jamil Horo composed and would sing them with his father like” Zeynebê

discovering his talent, he joined Arya and Adik institutes EFRIN-HEVDITIN-BI-MALBETA-CEMIL-HORO ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

After discovering his pretty voice, Ahmad was taught many folkloric songs, and could in a short period of time learn many compared to his age like “Dura Çiyayê Kurmênc”.

To encourage Ahmad, his father sent him to Arya Institute for Music in Janders which is considered the first in Rojava opened in 2012, Ahmad now has also learnt performing on the Bouzouki instrument in Adik institute.

Ahmad would not be satisfied with singing, and has also joined Russel Band related to Democratic Culture and Art Movement in Afrin canton, where he has performed in many festivals and celebrations.   EFRIN-HEVDITIN-BI-MALBETA-CEMIL-HORO ‫(38339074)‬ ‫‬

Ahmad supported by his father has also composed a song called” Rojava Ax Rojava” and the song has been quite popular.

Hanif Jamil Horo said about his son” when I sang, he used to listen to me and pick up some lyrics and sing while he was playing, I immediate noticed that his voice sounded wonderful, and I aimed at investing this unique talent and have been teaching him songs since he was 4”.

Adik administrative and a music teacher Ali Issa said that this child has indescribable sense and talent and a wonderful voice as well, so encouraged his to learn and follow the steps of his grandfather and other Kurdish artists who were keen on preserving the Kurdish culture and heritage.

Late Jamil Horo was born in 1934 in Sarinj village in Bulbul district and has played a key role in reviving Kurdish art and culture, Horo sang many old epics like” Dura Çiyayê Kurmênc, Zeynebê, Lo Bavo, and Taher Beik” and Horo passed away in 1989.