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Jihad al-Khazen: war in North Syria is worse than what we see in eastern Ghouta

NEWS DESK– Palestinian journalist Jihad al-Khazen confirmed that he supports the rights of the Kurds in Syria, Turkey and Iraq to live in safe areas in these countries and others. He felt that the Kurds “defend their lives and the future of their families,” and objected to the Turkish aggression on Syrian territory, and said “Turkey has suppressed the Kurds in their areas of Turkey and now wants to suppress them inside Syria,” he said. “What is going on in North Syria is worse than what is going on in the eastern Ghouta.

“The situation in Syria will get worse,” said Jihad al-Khazen, a Palestinian journalist and writer who has Lebanese nationality, in his daily article in Al-Hayat newspaper about the situation in Syria and the number of victims and Turkish aggression on Afrin, under the title “The situation in Syria will get worse

Palestinian writer and journalist Jihad al-Khazen says in his article:

If what hit the Syrians from 2011 until today is not enough, there are Russian threats to United States to respond if Russian fighters were injured in raids of US warplanes inside Syria.

United States threatened as the Russians did then. If the countries remain at the threat’s borders, that is good. But if they carry out their threats, Syria becomes a battlefield for civil war and a war between the superpowers.

There are more than 400,000 Syrians dead in the ongoing civil war, there are more than three million Syrian refugees in Turkey, about one million refugees in Lebanon, 650,000 refugees in Jordan, 250,000 refugees in Iraq, 125,000 refugees in Egypt, 30,000 refugees in other North African countries.

The previous figures issued by United Nations must be correct or close to the real numbers of refugees. Half of the Syrians who remain in their countries suffer from hunger and disease and no one is support. It is a continuing worsening disaster.

Iran and Hezbollah immediately intervened to support the regime in Syria, and in 2015 General Qassim Sulaimani, head of al-Quds Force of Iranian Revolutionary Guards, went to Moscow asking for Russian help. Russian government did not need to incite Iran; it was preparing to intervene. Syria now has a naval base, the only one in Mediterranean, and air bases, in addition to Iran’s bases, some around Damascus.

Iran and Syria have armed groups that support the regime. United States is helping the opposition groups, including the Kurds, and the fighting is still ongoing and there is no hope of ending it soon, and we have seen what happened in the eastern Ghouta of the devastation accompanied by the escape of a large number of population.

The regime is stronger than its adversaries, and it has recovered Aleppo after its destruction, and its fighters are fleeing from the eastern Ghouta to restore the regime after its destruction as well. Homs and Hama were heavily destroyed, as were the villages of Idlib and others. Even the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus was beaten and destroyed in some parts.

I read that 910 children were killed in Syria last year, a record 50% higher than 2016, that 361 children were wounded, and another 244 were arrested. I think the real numbers are more than the previous figures issued by United Nations, in addition to the thousands of dead adults last year.

I searched for something that brings back some reassurance to me and that I signed an investigation about endless wars that begin in Syria and complete in Yemen and then other countries.

I spent all my life seeking peace, even as a teenager and a young man. I still accept a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital in only 22 percent of the historic land of Palestine, but I wanted something and wanted other things.

Of course, all of the above is free of reference to North Syria where Turkish forces entered to fight the Kurds, which threatens Afrin and hundreds of thousands of Kurds in and around. I say that I support the right of the Kurds in Syria, Turkey and Iraq to live in safe areas in these and other countries. The Kurds believe that they are defending their lives and the future of their families, and I see this as true. He objected to the entry of Turkish troops to Syria, they suppressed the Kurds in their areas of Turkey, and now want to suppress them inside Syria.

War in North Syria may be worse than what we see in the eastern Ghouta and I hope I am wrong. But I find the facts of the situation stronger than my wishes.