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KDP’s mercenaries attack Şengal demonstration


ŞENGAL– The mercenaries of Kurdistan Democratic Party are shooting fire at thousands of Rojava and Şengal people who headed in a demonstration from Khana Sor towards the mercenaries’ positions.

On Tuesday, thousands of Rojava and Şengal people headed from Khana Sor town in Şengal with a huge procession of 100 cars towards the positions of KDP’s mercenaries who attacked Khana Sor town on March 3. After the procession left Khana Sor town, Rojava people marched in a vast demonstration towards the mercenaries’ positions.

People who passed the last checkpoint of YBŞ raised banners with “We Will Follow in Martyrs Footsteps, We Would Defeat Treason”, “The Autonomous Administration in Şengal Would Not Open the Way for Barzani and Erdogan’s Mercenaries”. The participant in the demonstration also repeated “Death for Treason”, ” Şengal Resistance Long Live”, “Rojava Resistance Long Live”, “Yazidi Khan people are one”, “Holla Holla My King Peacock”.

As the demonstration participant cowards approached the mercenaries’ points, the mercenaries targeted the armors and prevented people from progression. The gangs’ groups fired at people and used water hoses.

People responded to the mercenaries’ attacks by repeating slogans while the cases are still tensed in the area.