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Khizan: Culture created resistance, but resistance is what drives culture


AL-HASAKAH- The Kurdish writer Jandi Khizan siad” resistance of the age in history is perpetuated by poems, songs and plays, and at the same time will become a source of culture for the people of Kurdistan. Because resistance and struggle are part of history and history, part of the culture of peoples, we can say that culture created resistance, but resistance is what drives culture. “

The Kurdish writer Jandi Khizan  known as Buffy Matin that he began writing poetry at the age of 16 years and has written so far hundreds of poems, stories and plays in Kurdish and Arabic, while at the same time a member of the Union of intellectuals in al-Jazeera region for culture and art in Hasakah.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviwed with Jandi Khizan about the role of culture and art in resisting the age  in Afrin and the duty of intellectuals at this stage.

The Kurdish writer pointed out at the beginning of his speech that poetry, stories and plays played a role in the uprisings and revolutions of the peoples, which perpetuate these revolutions in the pages of history and protect them from extinction. He said: “Poetry is not only a joy of joy in the soul but an expression of thought and development. And because the things that were stored and stored quickly, everything was previously written through poetry. The things that were memorized were able to protect their existence because they passed from generation to generation, but many of the written events were lost or burned. “

Jandi Khizan  pointed out that the first poem was written before 4800 BC when the tyrant Aliulogy of Lugol Zigari attacked Kish city and destroyed it completely and killed and displaced its people. Sumerian poet” Dangar Damuanhab” wrote a poem that is the oldest poem in history about his city Kish. Which gave birth to this incident in history. “

The resistance of Afrin shook the writer’s feelings

Jandi Khizan pointed that the resistance of the age  in Afrin gave a new spirit of culture and art, and said: “Resistance Afrin reminds us of the beginning of the establishment of the PKK. At that time, culture and art played a major role in introducing and motivating the movement and the cause of the people and instilling enthusiasm in them. An example of this is the Berkhdan musical band, which raised the morale of the people with their songs and followed the course of the revolution and the resistance. These songs are still sung so far in events and demonstrations. The same applies to Afrin. In order to support Afrin and expose the crimes committed against her children and to deliver the voice of resistance of the people and fighters to all parts of the world and to perpetuate this resistance in history, I wrote many songs, plays and poems in Arabic and Kurdish. We see how these songs instill enthusiasm in the hearts of the people and push him to the uprising and promote when he sang in events, demonstrations and celebrations. “

Culture created resistance, resistance and culture move

“The resistance of the age is perpetuated in history through poetry, songs and plays, and at the same time will become a source of culture for the peoples of the region. Because resistance and struggle are part of history and history, they are part of the culture of peoples, so we can say that culture created resistance, but it is resistance that drives culture and gives it vitality. “

The Kurdish intellectual Jandi Khizan  , who wrote poems about the fighters, the struggle, the resistance of the people and the sacrifices of the martyrs, made it clear that the enemy feared the word and the pen more than his fear of Venice. “In Rojava Revolution and the resistance of the age, the intellectuals appeared, Diverse voice delivery revolution and resistance. Because the pens of the book are a symbol of peoples and a sign of enemies’ hearts, the enemy will arrest writers and intellectuals or ban them and impose a ban on their writings and their products. We saw how the Turkish state prevented the revolutionary songs that inspire enthusiasm in the hearts of the people like the fox hunting song of the artist Savakan. “

The intellectual illuminates the idea of dark places

He said: “The need for the book in the revolutions is great, especially in Rojava Revolution because of their role in linking the people with the revolution and the fighters, and the granting of power. And the enthusiasm of the fighters, and thus have given themselves the opportunity to participate in the struggle and resistance.

At the end of his speech, the Kurdish writer Jandi Khizan the Kurdish writers from the level of writing to the level of thought. He said: “The artist, the intellectual and the writer are the doctors of the peoples. They must know how to clean the wounds so that they know how to handle them. And replace them with useful things and develop the community on the basis, and be the link between the people and revolution and his land”.