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Kurdish women going on sit-in tomorrow condemning aggression on Afrin

NEWS DESK- Women in Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands are going on a sit-in before the Russian embassy in the Belgian capital Brussels to condemn the Turkish aggression on Afrin, and to demand a stop to the massacres committed against civilians in Afrin.

Under the motto “enough, Erdogan’s fascism, enough, massacres, revolt for dignity, revolt for Afrin”, the women’s movement related to the Democratic Union Party appealed to Kurdish women to go on sit-ins before the Russian embassy in the Belgian capital Brussels.

The preparatory committee for the sit-in said that they are organizing this sit-in in the soul of Resistance of the Age led in Afrin, with the soul of Avesta Khabour, and with the soul of the commando Barin Kobani.

According to the preparatory committee, the women will gather on Friday at 12:00 in (place Churchill 1180 uccle), from there, a march will be organized to the Russian embassy in Brussels, statements and leaflets will be distributed about the Turkish occupation’s attacks on Afrin, and the massacres being committed against civilians.

Women also from the Netherland and Germany will also partake the women’s sit-in in Belgium.