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Marwan al-Yazidi, a child suicide bomber trained by IS



QAMISHLO- IS mercenaries kidnapped him from Şengal and has sold him more than a dozen times between Iraqi and Syrian cities. They forced him to convert to Islam and join to a cycle of the so-called “Caliphate’s Cubs” receiving training to carry out suicide attacks, but Syrian Democratic Forces were able to liberate him during al-Jazeera Tempest campaign.

Marwan Saleh Qassem Jardou, an 11-year-old child, is one of thousands of children who have been kidnapped by IS mercenaries and was separated from their families during their attack on Şengal area on August 3, 2014.

Marwan al-Yazidi remembers all that happened on the day he was abducted from his village of Sulakh, south of the Şengal mountains, when he was just 7 years old until he was liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces during the “al-Jazeera Tempest” from Deir-ez-Zor. He arrived in the town of Qamishlo in preparation for his family in Şengal

Marwan recalls the day IS mercenaries attacked their village and how they were kidnapped while trying to escape to the mountain. “In the evening, the sound of bullets rose and everyone started to flee amid the screaming and crying of the children. Some of our neighbors and my family got on my father’s car to get out of the village towards the mountain. I did not know what was happening and why we were running away from what I was hearing, IS mercenaries are coming and they would kill us. “

While Marwan’s father, Saleh Kassem, tried to rescue his family and drive them out of the village, he and dozens of cars were heading recklessly towards the mountain, IS mercenaries who had blocked the road surrounded them before they reached a safe place far from the village.

Marwan and his elder son were captivated by IS mercenaries, and were taken somewhere.

“They took my father and all the men of our village and only children and women remained,” says the Yazidi child

From Şengal to al- Raqqa

The mercenaries brought the women and children, including Marwan, his brother, his mother, to school in the city of Tal- afar to stay there for two months amid the intimidation tactics used by IS mercenaries against them. The cries of women and children has filled the place.

These voices were rooted in the mind of the young child.

Two months later in Tal-afar, Marwan says IS mercenaries have taken women and children in four cars and drove from one place to another. “When the cars stopped in another city, my mother has learned that we had entered Syria and we were in al- Raqqa city”.

In al- Raqqa, he saw his mother, brother for the last time

When they arrived in the city of al- Raqqa and after about two weeks of being in a large room with many Yazidis and their children, the IS mercenaries have taken Marwan and his brother to another place with a group of children to sell them. This was the last time Marwan saw his mother.

IS mercenaries took Marwan with a group of children with them to sell. “They took my brother in front of me and I was alone with about 10 children and someone came and took me with him,” Marwan said.

Marwan lived in the house of an IS mercenary called Abu- Jassim al-Jazrawi, who bought him, for about 9 months, Marwan would do housework and go to the market to buy supplies for the family.

They forced him to convert to Islam

The Yazidi child tells the story of forcing him to convert to Islam and read the Qur’an. “Abu- Jassim beat me daily until he forced me to convert to Islam. He began beating me to read the Quran too. If he did not learn, I would kill you”.

After staying with the IS mercenary Abu- Jassim for 9 months, he sold him to another IS mercenary named Abu Musab al-Tunisi. Marwan says Abu Musab told him he paid $ 500 to buy him.

From al-Raqqa he was taken to Aleppo by the IS mercenary Abu -Mus’ab and then to Jarablus, being sold then more than 12 times, according to the Yazidi child, he went to the cities of Manbij, al-Tabqa, Ain Issa, and Suluk the result of his sale from a mercenary to another.

The cycle of the so-called cubs of the caliphate, and from Marwan to Jihad

After a journey of about two years, in which Marwan has moved between the houses of IS mercenaries, he went with an IS mercenaries named Abu- Leila to Suluk where he received a cycle of the so-called “Caliphs of the Caliphate” of IS mercenaries.

Marwan underwent a two-month training course in the city of Suluk with a group of about 30 Yazidi children, whose name was changed from Marwan to Jihad.

When asked what they knew in the course, Marwan replied, “Exercises on various types of weapons with lessons on Islam and reading the Quran”.

Marwan said that the IS mercenaries told them during the training, “If you do not have a weapon with you, blow yourselves up between the infidels and the apostates.” Marwan mentioned two Yazidi children’s Nazdar and Hazra.

“All of us knew how to blow ourselves up,” he said.

Towards Deir –ez-Zor, then reaching Syrian Democratic Forces

After Marwan ended the course of the so-called Caliphate’s Cubs, he was taken by an IS mercenary named Abu-Mujahed al-Tounsi to Deir –ez-Zor province He stayed at his home for six months and then fled the house.

After his escape, he went to the areas liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces and told them his story, where he was sent to the city of Qamishlo and from there will be handed over to the Yazidi house in the Cizîre canton.

When asked about his brother and mother, Marwan said: “I do not know anything about my brother or my family now or what have happened to them.”

It is noteworthy that the Syrian Democratic Forces were able to liberate Marwan in campaign of “al –Jazeera Tempest “and will be coordinated with the House of Yazidi in the Cizîre region to deliver to his family in the district of Şengal in south Kurdistan.