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Member of al-Raqqa Civil Council confirms continuation at path of martyr Omar Aloush




KOBANI – The member of al-Raqqa  Civil Council  Hussein al-Barges has confirmed said that” the assassination of the martyr Omar Aloush will not discourage them from the path that Aloush, but will increase them hardness and determination to continue work, noting that this crime serves only Turkey and its gangs .

Hawar news agency (ANHA) held interview with member of al-Raqqa Civil Council Hussien al-Berges he stressed that they as the Council of  al-Raqqa  will not retreat one step in their journey, and that the hand of treachery, which affected the co-chair of the Public Relations Committee in al-Raqqa Civil Council and a member of the Office of Relations in the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Omar Aloush, Whose aim is to disrupt political action and strike of fraternity saying, “They will not succeed in that.”

“Our martyred companion Omar Aloush, who is a symbol of peace and fraternity of nations, played a prominent role in killing all the strife that mercenaries and their supporters sought to spread among the people of North Syria. On the road taken by Omar Aloush. “

He added: “Aloush has spent his life and he works to consolidate the concept of fraternity of peoples and co-existence in North Syria in general and al-Raqqa especially and that it was Arab and Kurdish and Assyrian and Turkmen and there is no distinction between peoples in the concept, working for fraternity of peoples and humanity.

Berges confirmed that the assassination of Omar Aloush will increase them hardness and courage and will not get out of their determination, and they continue on the path of Allouche to deter terrorism for their crimes, which feed from Turkey.

He pointed out that the objective of the mercenaries from the assassination of Aloush is to instigate sedition and strike the link between the peoples of the region that Aloush represented, to stop the political action and to spread terrorism again in the north of Syria, and exploited the situation in Afrin and the systematic Turkish invasion and carried out the cowardly crime that serves the interests of the terrorist Great Erdogan.