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Nasr al-Din Ibrahim: World powers partner in killing of civilians



QAMISHLO – The secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria and a member of the presidential body in the Kurdish National Alliance, Nasr Eddin Ibrahim, that the silence of world powers opens the way to attacks and massacres of the Turkish occupation in Afrin, and pointed out that Russia aims to divide Syria.

Hawar news agency( ANHA) interviewed with the secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria and a member of the presidential body of the Kurdish National Alliance, NasrEddin Ibrahim, talked about the Turkish aggression on Afrin and the massacres committed against civilians. He said that this attack violates all international laws.

‘Erdogan wants to change the demographic Afrin’

He pointed out that the Turkish occupation state wants its recent attacks, changing the demographic Afrin and continued, “Erdogan wants to besiege Afrin to give up the people and leave the resistance. Therefore we see it using all sophisticated weapons in attacking the people. The aim of the Turkish state is to revive the Ottoman Empire from Libya to Syria in the name of the Islamic religion. “

Ibrahim pointed out that Erdogan is the homeland of the mercenaries of Turkey and al-Qaeda , IS gangs and al-Nusra Front (Jabhit al-Nusra)  supported them in Afrin ‘s villages which he occupied. “Erdogan aims to change the demographic of Afrin. We all know that Afrin was a refugefor the displaced and thousands of displaced people were living there. Now the displaced are participating in this resistance. Afrin is a part of Rojava and North Syria and Erdogan in his attempts this will not be able to change the demographic of the city. “

‘Russia aims to divide Syria’

“Russia wants to get Turkey out of” NATO “and to distance it from America, and also wants to bring it into Syria,” Nasruddin Ibrahim said. Russia captured Aleppo against al-Bab and Jarablus , and today it wants to give Afrin to Turkey against Adlib and al- Ghouta. The basic Russian goal is to divide Syria. This Russian plan violates all international laws. Russian, Turkish and Iranian interests met in Afrin so we see how Turkey intensified its attack on civilians. These countries are responsible for killing civilians. “

‘They must be held accountable for their silence’

He stressed that the silence of the international society opened the way to the attacks of the Turkish occupation, and stressed that they will be held accountable for their silence about the killing of civilians, and said, “These barbaric attacks on civilians violate all human rights of the world. Erdogan kills children daily by plane. The international community must break its silence. “

Ibrahim explained that the city that embraced all components is being shelled today, stressing that Erdogan is attacking Afrin so that the Kurdish people will not get their rights and attacks the unity and fraternity of people and democracy in the federal system.

The international society must stand up to the Turkish massacres

At the end of his speech, the secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria and a member of the presidential body of the National Alliance of Kurds, Nasreddin Ibrahim, to the international community and demanded to get out of silence and stand against the attacks and massacres Turkish people of Afrin.