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National Fighters battalion arrived to Afrin


NEWS DESK– national fighters, members of the national battalion of People’s Protection units (YPG) arrived to Afrin to participate in Era Resistance. The fighters went to the front fronts.

A group of national fighters who voluntarily joined the (YPG) to fight terrorism declared their willingness to go to Afrin and participate in Era Resistance.

(YPG) media center confirmed that the international fighters arrived at the front lines in Afrin.

The national fighters said in a statement that the Turkish state attacks against Afrin is contrary to all international human rights instruments and laws.

The international fighter of French origin, “Tolhildan,” said in this regard, “For years we have been fighting against terrorism. We will not wait until Turkey occupies the lands that were liberated with great sacrifices. Whatever the case, we will defend our land. We will do it, because the whole world eyes are moving to this region, we can not ignore this. “

The national fighters went earlier to Afrin to participate in Era Resistance.