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Nazir Berwari: War on Afrin targets Kurdistan completely

QAMISHLO- Kurdistan Patriotic Union (PUK) official, Nazir Barwari, said the Afrin residents had shown great resistance against Turkish occupation and terrorist groups. He stressed that the attack on Afrin targeted Kurdistan completely.

A delegation of political figures from Basur Kurdistan and autonomous administration officials in al-Jazeera canton visited Afrin in recent days in solidarity with Resistance of the age.

PUK official Nazir Berwari spoke after returning from Afrin to Hawar news agency.

Berwari praised the resistance shown by the resistance people against Turkish occupation army and terrorist groups.

“We spent more than four days in Afrin, where we lived the heroic resistance that entered its 57th day and is still at the height of its steadfastness and violence against the brutal Turkish aggression,” he said.

“As we walked through the streets of this city, which is devastated by Turkish bombardment, we found that the people are adhering to their houses and their land and resisting at all time the heavy weapons which attack them without mercy,” he said.

Berwari also confirmed that Turkish state committed massacres against civilians. “We were witnesses to the massacres committed by Turkish government against civilians, bombed schools and destroyed the infrastructure of the city.

Nazir Berwari said that the attack on Afrin not only targets Afrin, but targets Kurdistan completely. “Our case is one and our goal is to defeat terrorism and build a free life. The attacks of Turkish aggression increase the courage of our people and fighters in facing and defeating terrorist organizations led by Turkish government. “

He also denounced the international silence and said that countries that disregard the “massacres of Erdogan, partner with him.” He appealed to the world to intervene “to stop the war.”