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Omar aloush was assassinated after narrowed  ways to enemies of Humanity




KOBANI – A number of members of the family of the martyr Omar Aloush that the policies and plots of countries that oppose the project of North Syria will fail, and the targeting of Omar Aloush is the best proof of that.MOHAMED-SADIQ-620x364

On morning Thursday ,  the co-chair  of the Public Relations Committee of al-Raqqa Civil Council and member of Office Relations in  Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), Omar Aloush, was found killed in his home in Gire sipi (Tel-Abyed) canton .

In this context, the correspondents of our agency (ANHA) held interview with a number of members of the family of the martyr Omar Aloush. Therefore, Mohammed Sadiq Aloush, the cousin of the martyr Omar Aloush, said: “The policy pursued by the countries hostile to our project is a policy of killing and genocide. This revolution won in Kobani and heroic resistence of Afrin ‘sPeople overcame their failed policy.

Sadiq pointed out that the war that has been applied to the people for years now and so far was a policy that seeks to cultivate sectarianism and differentiate between all the components of North Syria who failed in it. Therefore, he began targeting our national symbols and seeking to liquidate them.

At the end of his speech, Sadiq said: “We are always ready and whenever we martyr martyr increases our determination and our will and we will resist through our youth and units to protect the people and women against all our enemies thanks to the philosophy of leader Abdullah Ocelan.”

He said that Omar was not the first martyr and would not be the last, and that the targeting of the martyr Omar came after narrowing the ways of the enemies of humanity so they used these methods and because the relationship of the martyr Omar is great with all the people of the region were It disturbs those are rejecting  idea of fraternity of peoples.

In conclusion, Ibrahim promised martyr Omar and all the martyrs to walk on their path and seek to achieve fraternity of peoples