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On 30th anniversary of Halabja massacre, another Halabja is being committed today in Afrin


AFRIN – The number of civilians who have been martyred reached to 21 on new massacres against civilians on al-Mahmoudiya neighborhood , as well as to dozens of wounded

On the 30th anniversary of the Halabja massacre that took place against the Kurds in Basur “South Kurdistan”, today, in Afrin, the scenario is repeated. The Turkish occupation army committed another Halabja in al-Mahmudiya neighborhood on Afrin city, killing 21 civilian martyrs and dozens of wounded.

Our Correspondent(ANHA) was documented the names of a number of martyrs of al-Mahmudiya massacre whose : Fadel Yusuf 46, Azad Bouzou, Sabri Medour, Hussein Ahmed 70 years old.and others whose identities are unknown till now due to heavy shelling and most of Corpses are still underground.

The wounded were identified by Aref Baker Sido54, Farhad Mohammed, 25, Fayek Khalil21, Maryam Mohammed 8 months, Siraan 24, Fatima Othman 55, Hamida Rashou 60, Abdulrahman Rashouh 80, Zakaria Ahmed60, Salva Othman 2, Rani Khalaf, 15, Rima Khalaf 15, Arifah Ibrahim 31, Abdul Wahab 60, Hussain Khalaf 35, Amouna Habash39 , Srwan Nassan 8 , Ameena Ibrahim 25,  Kulstan Hamdoush 7-year-old Sarhan Hamdoush 42-year-old Zakaria Amouri, 40-year-old Hozan Aliko 29, Khlia Mohmmaed Klo 52 , Yara Hamdoush, 19, and Walid Mohammed Mohammed, 63 years old.

The bombardment is still onging  till the moment of preparing of this report