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3 ISIS tanks seized by YPG and YPJ in Kobanî

YPG and YPJ forces have liberated an area in the southeast of Kobanî around the hospital from ISIS gangs in a cleansing operation launched yesterday. It has been reported that the resistance forces seized 3 badly-damaged tanks and a mortar battery of the gangs.

YPG and YPJ take important part of Mistenûr Hill

Part of Mistenur Hill has been cleansed of ISIS gang members in an operation launched by YPG and YPJ forces in Kobanî.

Earning money and decorating city with graffiti

Mehmûd Bozo, a graffitist from Amûdê, both decorates the city walls and earn money by decorating the walls of the houses in the city.

Pictures of liberation of Şerîa School in Kobanî

Şerîa School in Kobanî was liberated last night by YPG and YPJ forces in anoperation on ISIS gangs. ANHA correspondents on the grouond had taken pictures from the operation field. The pictures show the munition taken by YPG and YPJ forces.

Cizîre Canton condemns conspiracy against Öcalan

People in Cizîre Canton “stopped” life to condemn the international conspiracy against leader of the Kurds Abdullah Öcalan.