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Public meeting in Gel-Agha is focused to Support Afrin ‘s People

QAMISHLO –Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) has urged the people to provide the necessary support to the displaced people of Afrin, and the formation of committees in this regard.

Democratic Society  Movement (TEV-DEM) has organized a meeting of the people of Gel-Agha district belonging to Qamishlo canton to talk about recent field developments with regard to Resistance to the Age . And call on parents to prepare to provide services to the displaced from Afrin.

The meeting, which was held at the People’s House in Gel- Agha district, was attended by dozens of residents of the area from the Kurdish and Arab components and representatives of the communes, Councils and Civil Institutions.

After standing for a minute of silence, member of the Executive Body of Democratic SocietyMovement (TEV-DEM) Media Mohamed talked about the latest developments in the Syrian arena and in particular the field developments in Resistance of the Age  in Afrin.

Mohammed pointed to the real objectives of the Turkish state and terrorist gangs in the attack on Afrin, asserting that the attack aims primarily to eliminate the democratic experience of the people of North Syria . It also confirmed that the international powers, especially Russia, Turkey participated in its project of occupation in favor of Russian interests.

And Mohammed added “Our forces have resisted in Afrin so far . Our forces have won with their will and the will of the people. Our forces have resisted with their light weapons against planes, tanks and guns, but we have won our thought and will, because the will is stronger than all weapons.”

She also stressed that the approach of fraternity  of peoples and co-existence has contributed significantly to the escalation of resistance against the Turkish occupation. “All the revolutions that have won have won the will of the people. Therefore, resolving the Syrian crisis is not in Geneva or in international meetings, The fraternity  of peoples and the approach of co-existence and the awareness of our people. “

MediaMahmed urged parents to prepare to provide the necessary support to Afrin ‘s people displaced, stressing that those who arrive from the people of Afrin canton to al-Jazeera canton will not be displaced, but guests in their homeland and land.

She stressed the need to organize the necessary committees to receive the parents and raise funds and shelter the people and provide them with the necessary assistance to the fullest.