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Syriacs will study their language in schools this year


QAMISHLO – The Syriac component will be able to learn its mother tongue in Cizîre canton schools this year, from grades 1 through 6, with a syllabus in the Syriac language.

Learning their mother language … The dream of the majority of the components living in north of Syria, and among those components was the Syriac component, which suffered a lot in its history, and was stripped their rights to identify their culture and true identity.QAM-ZMANE-SEREANE-LE-DEBSTANA-TE-DAEN-1--300x200 (3)

After the declaration of the Democratic Autonomous Administration and the formation of the training committee in the Democratic Society, which included in its committees from all parts of the Syrian north, the Syriac language became one of the official languages taught. Thus, an era of darkness came ot an end to this ancient language. For the first time this year, the Syriac language will be taught in schools from the first to the sixth primary grades.

Galenos Yousef Issa is a Syriac member of the Democratic Society Training Committee. He told the Hawar news agency about the progress made in teaching and learning in the Syriac language”We started teaching Syriac since almost two years, but officially the Syriac language will be taught in schools this year,”.

Galenos added” the books were written in Syriac from the first time to the sixth grade and will be distributed to all the schools where the students are taught in Syriac”.

Issa noted that the Orhey Institute for Syriac Teacher Training was established in the city of Qamishlo, while three schools in Dêrik, one in(Tirbê Sipî) and one in Hasakah will teach Syriac language in which students will study in their mother language.

He also pointed out that the methods followed by the previous regimes were far from political, social and historical education, and the Syrians were exposed to the loss of their cultural identity stolen from them by these systems. He pointed out that they achieved this step independently and in cooperation with the Education Authority in Democratic Autonomous Administration.

Galinos explained about opening three institutes to

prepare additional teachers to teach Syriac “learning in the Syriac language was a dream for the Syriac people and today is achieved thanks to the democratic atmosphere in the north of Syria,” he said.