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Talal Mohammed: Heroic resistance in Afrin there is shameful world silence



QAMISHLO -The co-chair of the Democratic Peace Party, Talal Mohammed has  expressed the shameful silence of international and international public opinion on the massacres committed by Turkey against the innocent civilians in the Afrin region. He stressed that the attack on Afrin contributes to the revival of ISgangs .

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with The co-chair of the Democratic Peace Party, Talal Mohammed on the continued attacks by the Turkish occupation army aircraft on the Afrin Center and the silence of the world against the attacks Afrin.

Tala Mohammed said “The culture of the Turkish occupation army is hostile to the peoples and oppression against them, and their attacks on the planes on Afrin do not differentiate between the civilian and the military their aim is to reach their goal in the occupation of Afrin as they planned to undermine the will of the Kurdish people and the peoples of the region federal”.

He pointed out that Erdogan’s project in Syria is to enter and occupy the land of others, such as the occupation of the cities of Jarablus and al-Bab the that abandoned its families and families of al-Nusar Front (Jabhit al-Nusra/ IS gangs / al-Qaeda ) have been resided in the region. So today they want to repeat what happened in the other areas of Afrin too, and change its demographics and hide its culture, Their families and settling them in the houses of the Kurds, and unfortunately this is what happens in these moments in Afrin.

In his speech, Mohammed said that Syria has become a commodity sold and bought for the one who pays the most. Turkey decided to withdraw the mercenaries backed by it from the eastern al-Ghouta in return for the occupation of Afrin, and shows their agreement that Russia during the Turkish occupation attack on Afrin, where Russia withdrew its army from points of concentration on the border Between Afrin and Bakur “North Kurdistan”.

On the international and international silence on Afrin, Mohammed said: “In return for the brutal attacks, there is a global and international silence. I hold them responsible for what is happening in Afrin. Their silence indicates that the spirit of IS mercenaries is being rekindled in the region.

At the end of his speech, the co-chair of the Democratic Peace Party, Talal Mohammed, said that “Resistance of the Age ” proved that the steadfastness of the people in North Syria in the face of the Turkish occupation and their adherence to some of them together with the people of Afrin until the world and the Turkish enemy is amazed at what is happening in Afrin instead of the people of Afrin, , And convoys from other areas to support them.