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Turkish occupation bombing reaches pharmacies in Afrin 


AFRIN- The Turkish occupation army not only targeting the civilians indiscriminately, but also vital installments would not survive the Turkish barbaric army and its mercenaries.

The Turkish occupation army is escalating bombardment on the city’s center and the vital installments to put pressure on civilians who are risked by annihilation amid world silence to the massacres committed by the Turkish occupation army in Afrin.

Ten of thousands of civilians are living under the Turkish occupation army’s bombardment with planes heavy cannons where vital installments and public facilities have been directly targeted.

Although medicines and medical requirements are scarce, the Turkish occupation army bombed a pharmacy near the Kawa square in the center of Afrin city leaving the scene a wreck.

It is noteworthy that 13 civilians have been martyred and dozens have been wounded due to the continuous bombing on the city by the Turkish occupation army, moreover, dozens of buildings and houses have been destroyed as well.