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What was targtting Turkish occupation today in Afrin city ?


AFRIN – The Turkish occupation army targeted on the center of Afrin city densely inhabited by thousends of people  by dozens of missiles and air raids using warplanes and heavy artillery, which caused great human and fincial damage to civilians ‘s properties .

The direct shelling of the city center is still continueing  while many wounded people are still in the rubble because ambulances have not been able to reach them as a result of heavy shelling on the city’s neighborhoods since Friday morning .

During the past two days, the shelling targeted the public utilities and services which include “garbage dump trucks, tanks for the distribution of water and transport from wells to civilians following the Turkish occupation of the city, Saladin Mosque in the old neighborhood  of Afrin and its almost complete destruction. Along with some old houses classified as part of the archaeological list established by the Directorate of Antiquities in Afrin canton in addition to the burning of many vehicles of civilians.

This barbarism is consisdered a new title to the aggression of the Turkish occupation army and its gangs  in targeting internationally prohibited places, such as schools, places of worship and archaeological sites.

The pictures and videos taken by our correspondent (ANHA) showing the large amount of physical damage to civilians’s houses  as a result of the heavy shelling of their homes, which resulted in  more than 21 civilians were martyred  and injuring dozens of civilians, mostly children and elderly within 72 hours.