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YPJ .. We pledge to raise level of struggle to leaders Tokshin ,Zilan

NEWS DESK- Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) said in this spirit of heroism Tokshin Botan and Zilan Judy took their place in the hearts of all comrades and the testimony of the two comrades rose to the level of revenge for the spirit of martyrs, and pledged to raise the level of struggle of the two leaders.

The General Command of the Women’s Protection Units issued a public statement announcing the martyrdom of two Women’s Protection Units in Resistance of The Age in Afrin.

The text of the statement:

“Resistance of the Age in Afrin enters its 56th day, battles and heroic resistance is still continuing  against the Turkish occupation, fifty-six days of resistance, People’s and Womem’s Protection Units (YPG, YPJ) and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) lay the most glorious epics in Jiayi Kurmang( Mount al-Kurd). Today again our leaders and heroes who defend Afrin and high-spirited assert victory.

In this resistance many of our heroes who set historical epics in sacrifice and redemption rose to the rank of martyrdom and thus deserved to be the protectors of the people and the earth and lead the people to a definite victory.

Tokshin Botan  who took her place in the resistance of Afrin  against al-Nusra  Front (Jabhit al-Nusra)was known for its sacrifices and humility among its comrades and leadership like Zilan Judy who was twice wounded in the resistance and fighting against” Da’eash” and took her place on the front lines of the fighting fronts with her comrades in a responsible leadership spirit.

From the beginning of Rojava Revolution till now and in all the battles they played a leading and heroic role and participated in many battles against “D a eash”,al-Nusra Front (Jabhit al-Nusra). In the end against the Turkish occupation and victory, they set out the most glorious epics of sacrifice and redemption.

The companion Tokshin Botan in the front of the hand , and companion Zilan Judy in front of Shara district rose to the rank of martyrdom.

The comrades in the footsteps of the leadership Rosary Fajan and Vian Toledhan in the spirit of all the women fighting in the history of the Kurds and played a large role in the war against “Da eash”. Today they share Resistance of the Age .

In this spirit of guerrillaism among theWomen’s Protection Units (YPJ) they have become the example of humility, high morale, will and common life.

Vian, despite being injured three times but with her steel will with her friend Rosier fought until the final mark and the certificate took its place in the honorable Resistance of the Age

The commander Zilan and Toshkin  like many comrades who resisted and fought in the spirit of commando against IS gangs to protect humanity, today also in the same spirit and morale are fighting against the Turkish occupation and the victory front until they rose to testify.

In this heroic spirit, the two comrades occupied their place in the hearts of all the comrades, and with the testimony of the comrades the level of revenge for the spirit of the martyrs rose.

In the leadership of the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) we pledge to raise the level of struggle of the two leaders and through them we recall and honor the eleven comrades who rose with them and all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in order to protect the country and its soil.

We extend our condolences to all the people of Kurdistan and the people of North Syria and all the families of martyrs